Hi I’m Ray Gomerski.  I was born Raymond Walter Gomerski on 15th December 1960.  I am currently single and am interested in amateur radio (my call sign is VK3MBU), collecting music CD’s , rail and general photography, four wheel driving, domestic travel, reading railway news groups on the internet, IT and railway safeworking.   I am a member of the Victorian division of the AHRS, VRI and the Signal Record Society.  I currently drive a navy blue Nissan Pathfinder 4WD, you can see it parked in the street at the left side in the background of the photo of Wodonga Coal Sidings Signal Box.

I started work in 1978 and worked as a process worker and a salesman prior to joining the then Victorian Railways as a Junior Station Assistant in late 1979.  I worked at Melbourne Yard, Jordanville, Mount Waverley and Essendon in that role.  I obtained my Safeworking qualifications in 1980 and was promoted to Signal Assistant at Tottenham B Signal Box.  I then applied for transfer in this grade to Serviceton, and then was transferred to Glenorchy then Stawell.  In 1983 I was promoted to Clerical Assistant class 1 at Essendon, and then in 1984 I was promoted to Clerical Assistant class 2 at Flinders Street, after about one year at Flinders Street I applied for transfer to Caulfield Parcels.  While I was at Caulfield I obtained my Station Officer's certificate. Several Station Officer positions were advertised and I applied for several of the positions advertised outside Melbourne and was offered a group Station Officer Class 3 position at Traralgon in 1987 where I booked off the station staff at Traralgon station, the Station Officer at Morwell Briquette siding and the day shift Station Officer at Traralgon Operations.  Following a restructure of the positions at Traralgon, I was placed on the permanent rotating roster between the station and operations.  There was another restructure when the shifts at Traralgon station were altered to only one day shift station officer, I was offered a permanent position in Traralgon Operations where all the train crew were.  In 1994 a position was advertised at Portland Operations, which was called Depot Officer, which was the equivalent to Station Master class 4 subject to the implementation of the Freight Operations Employee grade to that location, I accepted promotion to this as a class 3B which I held until late 1997 when I accepted the targeted separation package from the rai
I then began work as an
Administration Assistant for Electroweld Engineering, I installed computer accounting in this business for the first time in its history and did accounts payable and receivables, BAS, payroll and PAYG.
From early 2004 until Nov 2007,
I was employed at HF Engineering also as an Administration Assistant.

Currently I am completing a full time course in Certificate IV in Electronics and Communications at TAFE for eventual work in anything from TV servicing to back into the rail industry as most of the core competancies of this qualification mirrors the Railway Communications and Networks qualification.  Employers please download my resume in pdf format here.

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