The Victorian signal diagrams are from various sources. Some of the diagrams I already had from the days I was employed in the railways, from the late Norm De Pomeroy signal diagram collection which I purchased at an auction a couple of years ago, some of the better quality Jack McLean collection on microfiche transferred into "GIF" images, the more recent, since 2006, Victorian Weekly Operational Notices and a very special thank you to Mark Bau, David Langley, Brian Priestnall and Bob Ward for allowing me to use some diagrams from their collections which I didn't have for use on this web site.  All New South Wales diagrams are scanned from previously issued Weekly Notices and from ARTC NSW safe notices since 2004 and all SA diagrams are also scanned from Weekly Notices.

The VR symbols are a modified version of pages 5 to 9 of section 27 of the PTC 1994 Book of Rules and Operating Procedures.
The NSW symbols are taken from document number's NSG 600, 602, 604 and 606 of the RIC safeworking codes.
The SA symbols are taken from document numbers ESD 25-01 Appendix 6 SA standards of ARTC Drafting Manual for Signalling Drawings.
The WA symbols are taken from document number W-80

All colour phototographs and maps of line guides of New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria are copyright Ray Gomerski, signal diagrams and black and white images are crown copyright and are protected by Australian copyright laws.  However, if you wish to use any colour photo or diagram for not for profit or personal use, all I ask is that an acknowledgement of the source is made on your web site or publication.  Please
contact me with the details of which image or images that are required.  I will then email the"GIF", "JPG" or "PDF" files in a return email.

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